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This is what a high-flying University Professor had to say...

Hi, Oz!

It's Professor Mary here. Congratulations on your new site.

These days, who isn't looking for extra income or a retirement nest egg? Most of us have knowledge and solutions worth sharing, so the lure of onine income is strong.

What I found were thousands of products selling “easy” Internet marketing methods that don't work, leave out key details, or make everything hopelessly complex. My years of online teaching, program development, marketing, and technical experience didn't protect me from wasting thousands of dollars.

Almost every “newbie” online has a similar story.

It's easy for anybody to get overwhelmed and confused by conflicting SEO, keyword research, backlinking, and “next best thing” nonsense being published to make more money. I thought buying software and automation tools would make life easier. Most of that software never worked right or featured blackhat methods Google banned within months.

Your careful testing, intelligence, humor, honesty, and clear instructions were such a breath of fresh air to me. If there's more than one way to do something, you say so. And if you've found a proven way, you provide the clear blueprint, step by step with some laughs in between.

I'm glad you didn't confine your publishing to the marketing forums. Sure, you were a big hit, but now even more people can discover your simple breakthrough reports here.


It's not just academicians that have discovered the cutting edge in our products, though...



There is so much crap online and finding your way through the minefield is one hell of a lot harder than it sounds. Whilst not in Mary's intellectual league,or in Barrys thousands of dollars of debt I too have been struggling to find the solution and think that I might just be heading in the right direction now after some 6 months of research, investment and some income, although am not yet seeing a positive return on investment.

The key thing I have learnt over the past six months is that the number one key to anything but especially online where there are so many shiny new “excellent must have” products coming out every 10 minutes according to some of the gurus I follow, is to have laser sharp focus and before you start doing anything you need to know exactly what it is you want to do. I have stated on The Warrior Forum and I will state it again here is that your portfolio of products should be required reading for EVERYONE wanting to make their mark on the Internet Marketing World.

I was lucky I think in that I found your products early on in my voyage of discovery and they almost certainly helped me steer clear of many so called “newbie” errors.

I think everything that one buys has one or more nugget of useful information. What I so admire about your products is that they are always succinct, to the point and full of value.

For the future my key focus is on my list and on choosing the right products to develop, obtain rights to, or promote.

I think the future is golden and I am sure that your work will be an important part of it.

Incidentally some of the best advice I received is to Follow one system, one guru for one year or at least until you have taken everything you can before moving on to the next. The other is related to Focus and there are two acronyms for it that I find useful, Follow One Course Until Succesful from Robert Kiwosaki (This is the only thing I have read from him but I find it increasingly important on a day to day basis) and this one from some MLM Site (which is an area I have no interest in) but I think it applies equally to all on and offline endeavours: Foresight, Organise, Concentrate, Understand, Service.

Due to the sensitive nature of the information we share, our products are not available to the general public. Are you serious about building a thriving online business?


Hello Oz,

I came across your very thoughtful, carefully researched, & cleverly written reports only about 40 days ago when I purchased your Google Value Maximizer Concepts. What an eye opener! Very insightful. I printed it out & have now read it twice.

Since that 1st purchase I have added 5 more of your reports to my arsenal. I customarily scan all I.M. pdf's before I decided to store them on my hard drive or print them out. Yours are among the very few that no longer has to pass that test. I print everything I get my hands on of yours and keep it right here near my desk.

I too like Alysan am a skeptic or jaded. It's been a long haul to get where I am & I have made way to many mistakes. Wish I had found you a long, long time ago.

Looking forward to what's next, what ever that might be.

Best Regards,

P.S. to those who may wonder is cleverly really a word ?
adj. clev·er·er, clev·er·est, clev·er·ly
1. Mentally quick and original; bright.
2. Nimble with the hands or body; dexterous.
3. Exhibiting quick-wittedness: a clever story.

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