Have you ever felt stupid and incompetent because when it came to Internet Marketing you didn’t know whether to turn to the left or to the right?

If that is the case, stop beating yourself up. Even a high-flying University Professor experienced the same feelings of hopelessness.

The good news is that neither you nor the Professor is stupid or incompetent.

The even better news, is that there is a solution, and you don’t have to stumble around in darkness any longer.

Mary is no stranger to complex information.

After all, she has earned a good living from processing complex subjects, and presenting the information in easily digestible chunks to her students. Mary is a University Professor.

Mary also has years of experience in personal development, career development, online education, business communication, seminar training. With her background as a seminar leader and communications specialist, she never expected to have any problems understanding Internet Marketing and related subjects. Mary is a high flyer.

But that wasn’t enough for her.

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