4 Tricks From Oz & Google

I want to share four tricks that I (with Google’s able assistance) use to find hot & profitable niches.
I was really pissed off when Google changed their Google Adwords Tool for Keyword Research (http://addictivetext.com/blog/click/keywordtool/) and then completely removed access to the old interface.  The new interface sucked… BIG TIME!
However, I have been pleasantly surprised to observe the constant improvements and updates that they've been making to the new interface.  In fact, I would actually say that the new interface in it's present form is superior to the old interface.
Here are four ways I use the new improved interface to refine my Niche Research…
1. Only a week ago or so, Google introduced an "Include terms" and "Exclude terms" feature.
Normally when you  do a search in the tool, Google brings up all kinds of suggestions.  Some relevant, some not.
Let's say you do a search for "cheap printers", only about 5 of the first 50 suggestions, actually contain the exact phrase "cheap printers".
Try it and see.
To force Google to show you suggestions that contain the phrase you are searching for – just enter the phrase “cheap printers” (including the quotes) into the "Include terms" and click the + button.  After you click the button, Google will present new options – and this time all of them will include the exact phrase “cheap printers”.

Try it and see.

2. Let’s say in our initial search for “cheap printers” – we didn’t want to see suggestions for ink.  First go under Include Terms, and delete “cheap printers” by hovering over it and then clicking the X.  And then enter ink without quotes into the “Exclude terms” box and click the + button.

Try it and see
3. Here’s a trick I use to dig deep into a niche…
Let’s say I am interested in different types of cheap printers, I’ll do a search for cheap printers, and then select the types of printers I’m interested in, and then I’ll click on More Like These (at the top) and then Selected.  The tool will automatically add those keywords to my Search box, and return suggestions for them.
I’ve been doing this manually for a long time, but this feature now automates a very profitable but little known method
Try it and see.
4. One of the things I missed the most from the old Interface was the separation of Related keywords from the Additional keywords to be considered section. In fact, it was one of the corner-stones of my Scientific Niche Research (SNR) method.  Well… lo and behold, you can now achieve the same thing with the new interface.  Here’s how…
Do your search… then click on Group by none, at the top, and then click on Similarity to search terms – BINGO!!! you now have a Keywords that include search terms section, and also a separate Related keywords section.  That’s exactly what I was missing from the old interface, although Google now uses slightly different terms for the two sections.
Try it and see.
I was just thinking the other day – that Niche & Keyword Research are really the only parts of Internet Marketing that I enjoy.  That’s because they are a lot like prospecting for stocks in the Stock Market.  When you do them right – you make a killing.
Imagine if you had bought my good friend Google… back when it was $100 – many Gurus would have told you it was overpriced, but the very few that knew how to prospect – snapped up as many Google shares as they could lay their grubby hands on.
That’s exactly what you can do – when you master Niche & Keyword Research.  I think it’s a seriously undervalued skill.
Keep smiling (& prospecting),
P.S.  Why didn’t you tell me that making videos is sooo easy?  Thanks to Youtube (Google again) – making videos is a child’s game, but I had no idea. The bad news is that I now think I am Steven Spielberg, so brace yourself for some of the worst videos that you’ve ever seen. 😀


It’s Confession Time

BTW… if you missed the first two posts in this series, here they are…

First Post: http://addictivetext.com/blog/click/20m-lesson/

Second Post: http://addictivetext.com/blog/click/heres-20m-lesson/

I am a happily married man and a devoted husband, so it gives me no pleasure to say what I am about to say, but this is sommink that I desperately need to get off my hairy chest…

When I clicked through the Double Your Dating (DYD) website, I didn’t have the slightest clue what I was letting myself in for.  It was almost as if an animal that I didn’t know existed leapt out from nowhere, and before I knew it, I was all but consumed by this raging beast. :(

Obviously, I survived, and I’ll tell you the full story in a bit, but after I sent my email yesterday…

I realised that I forgot to mention that Jason Fladlien who is certainly one of the sharpest tools in the box has also veered away from the conventional long sales letter that is prevalent in Internet Marketing.  In fact, I did a double-take when I saw his latest WSO (about PayPal).

So a guru who earns more than $30 million a year, and a genius who earns well over a million dollars a year are both bucking the trend.


That’s what I thought, too.  Anyway, back to my confession…

When I visited the DYD site, not only did I read through at least 4 or 5 articles, I was also consumed by an irresistible urge to buy the DYD ebook.


Yes way, and if you’ll let me finish… I’d like to put things into perspective for ya.

Before I visited the DYD website – my opinion of Eben Pagan was neutral at best. I knew him as a guru, and a member of the (evil) syndicate.  So you could actually say that I was slightly prejudiced about him, based on uncorroborated stuff I had read.

So nuffink… absolutely nuffink prepared me for what I was about to experience on the DYD website.

Remember, that I only visited the site to do some research, because I had heard that DYD has a rather unique approach to selling info products. And also remember that I am happily married, and certainly was not looking for any dates – single or double.

Are you sure about that, Oz? 😛

Will you just shut it?!

So I clicked on a random link in the website, read the article… hmm… I could feel sommink flickering in me…

So I clicked another link (to do more research)… and sommink was definitely coming alive…

So I clicked through to the sales page… I watched the video, and half way through, I had to pause the video… take off my headphones, and take a long walk…

I had to have a very stern conversation wiv myself, and ask myself some probing questions:

Oz, why were you smiling at Eben, just then?

Oz, why were you nodding your head in agreement?

Oz, why do you have a spring in your step?

And why do you have a twinkle in your eye?

Oz, why do you feel like you can conquer the world?

Oz, why do think that you are God’s gift… to women?

Oz… Oz… Oz… answer my questions!

I eventually came back to my PC – finished watching the video, and…

my mouse hovered over the buy button, and…


And I clicked the Buy Button…



Thank the merciful Lord…

There was a forced continuity there – which I couldn’t opt out of. 

So, I clicked the back button.


And I read a few more articles, and felt as if I had just made a new best friend.  His name is Eben.

So that’s my confession.  I hope you didn’t find it anti-climatic. 😛

Seriously, though…

As a happily married man, I found DYD very engaging, so I can’t imagine how single and desperate men in the hunting phase of life will find it.

Irresistible, I’d imagine – I know I would.

Well, if I had been single, I almost certainly would have bought DYD… even though I was never the type to ask for dating advice. :)

And here’s why, I think I would have bought DYD…

Eben had reeled me in, he got me nodding my head in agreement with him, he sounded like he definitely knew what he was talking about, and he promised me there was even better stuff waiting for me… inside. Basically he had flirted with me, and…

I wanted to know if he was the real thing, or if he was just full of sh*te, and…

The price ($19.95) is low enough to make it an impulsive buy.

So even though I didn’t need dating advice, Eben had intrigued me enuf that I would have been happy to risk $19.95 to see what he was all about.

LOL! You only wanted to buy because you were intrigued?  Yeah right!

Gosh, couldn’t you come up wiv somink better than that lame excuse?

Well, that’s my story, and I’m sticking to it… 😉

And that brings me to the other major lesson that I learnt from the DYD site…

Eben came across as an expert! He did not sound like some marker trying to make a quick buck.  And I think that surprised me, because that’s exactly how many of the so called gurus come across.

Some of the commenters touched on this in the first post in this series. They also shared their own lessons – many of which I completely get, and I think it is the combination of all the mentioned factors that makes DYD so successful. 

If you don’t mind, I’d like to quickly go through some of the comments and lessons, starting with the ones I’ve already mentioned (yesterday and today):

1. DYD is not like your typical sales page, and on reflection I’m a bit surprised considering the niche it’s in.  I would have thought that hype would work very well in the dating niche.  If this was something like Personal Development, or Careers Advice, or Loan Refinancing – I might have been less surprised at the approach he used.  Obviously, Eben knows sommink that I don’t know. :)

Does your offering/website stand out from the crowd?

2. Eben came across as an expert (to me), and was completely credible.

Do you possess expert knowledge in your niche? Are you able to demonstrate your expertise to prospects?

3. The price point of $19.95 makes the purchase almost an impulse buy.  I wouldn’t be surprised if he has a very high conversion rate with targeted traffic.

Do you have a front-end offer that is priced so attractively – that there is almost no friction involved in making a buying decision from a prospect’s point of view?

4. Ruth & Howard both said that he addresses a need/want/desire (“how can I attract a woman”).

Spot on. Is your offer a me-too offer, or does it address a real need?

5. Like me, Steve (also happily married and dating) felt compelled to opt-in, but like me, he was able to resist. GOOD MAN!! Steve also said that the video squeeze page drew him in.

Do you have a message that is so compelling that even those who aren’t your target market are drawn in?

6. Tygrupe said that the promotional videos lend Eben immediate credibility and brand him as an expert. 

That word again – expert!

7. John hits on a truck-load of lessons – building trust, proving our qualification to advise, and highlighting what we can do for our prospects – the good old WIIFM.  Eben’s message was sooo unambiguous that John who has been happily married for 44 years almost opted in!  Phew! Now I don’t feel so bad.

Does your website build so much trust that even the most unlikely people momentarily forget themselves, or force themselves to take long walks? 😛

8. Kenny says different elements of the DYD website combine to make it compelling and irresistible.

Are you striving to have one core product offering that is so irresistible that prospects feel compelled to take action and enter your funnel?  Or are you spending your time and energy launching product after product – without really investing in stability?  How long has DYD being around?  Same thing with Jeff Walker (though a different business model from DYD) – how many products does he have?

9. Sherry hits on a big one – Eben knows his target audience intimately.  Did I say big?  Make that MASSIVE!  And it is also a HUGE takeaway for me. 

Knowing and understanding your audience lets you relate to them and hit the hot spots very effectively.  That is exactly what Mr. Pagan has done, and that is why so many people have commented that his offering is irresistible. It certainly did not happen by accident. He got to know his audience because instead of launching product after product he invested time and energy in one product.

10. Mike says that Eben used stories that ooze empathy – as if he has walked the same miles, felt the same pain, and made the same mistakes as the prospect. Mike ends with: SUBTLE, SIMPLE, SUBLIME! I completely agree!

Eben was able to achieve this by studying his target audience intimately, like Sherry said.  That’s why I said it’s a MASSIVE lesson for me.  Imagine having 10-15 articles on your website, and instead of them being generic articles for SEO purposes, you use every single one of them to repeatedly hit your audience’s hot spots.

That my friend is power!

11. Chris is another who was tempted to opt-in. :)

I wonder how many people did opt-in? 

Funny enough, soon after I made my post, a very savvy marketer skyped me and said that he hoped I used an affiliate link, because he was sure that many people would be opting-in and buying. 😛  And that is why I went back to the post to make the point that I wasn’t using affiliate links.

12. Leif, like Mike learnt the lesson of empathy from the DYD website. 

As they say people buy from people they know, like and trust.  When you are able to empathize with your audience – you achieve all three (know, like, trust) in one fell swoop. 😉

13. Rampage says there is no buy button on the DYD site.

There is a buy button, but the point is that the selling is sooo subtle and unobtrusive that by the time you get to (or accidentally find) the buy button you are almost in a trance; and clicking the buy button becomes an essential part of continuing the story of empathy. :)

14. Nicholas also mentions the absence of a hard sell. 

We in the IM industry have been brainwashed into hard-selling.  Bright red headlines, hypey graphics etc. :(  Why didn’t anyone tell me that you don’t need all that to gross $20 million a year??

15. Mary touches on the emotional and sensory appeals that dominate the DYD site. 

Part of the softer side of things that all contribute to draw us in.

16. Mike says that rather than selling sommink, the DYD site fills a need, and that people with that need will be attracted to the message.  From the look of things, it’s not just people with the need that are attracted to DYD. 😛

Mike also mentioned that the DYD site is brilliant at whetting our appetite, and he quotes a wikid saying about a bikini from a famous mathematician: “what it reveals is suggestive but what it hides is vital”. 

What is it with mathematicians and bikinis? LOL! I happen to agree completely with Mike. Like I said, Eben ‘flirted with me’.

Do you think ‘flirting’ instead of selling could add to the bottom line of your business?

17. Many people talked about the clean and uncluttered nature of the DYD site? 

Again… another departure from the norm.  Only a few hours ago – I clicked through to another dating website that was used as proof of rankings for an SEO product, and the difference between that and DYD website is like night and day.  Seriously! 

What impression does your website give about your business?  What impression do you want your website to give about your business?

xxx Unfortunately, some of the comments (many of them very insightful) were filed under Spam, and I didn’t realise that till after I had made this final post, so all the missed comments are featured below…

18. Movers says the useful info and appealing images keep visitors glued to the site… and eventually they’ll sign anyfink. LOL!

Very interesting – because the longer people stay on a site – the more likely they are to take the desired course of action. :)

19. Don says like you end up buying without knowing. LOL – pretty much what I said: that by the time you get to the buy button you are almost in a trance. LOL again.  Don also says that he uses Commission Junction and seems to suggest that he pays a 100% commission or at least a very high commission for the front end commission and then he keeps all the back end profit for himself.

What kinda online hypnotist can put you in a trance and make you buy without knowing?  I think I can do with some of that. 😛

It has never ceased to amaze me how motivating a 100% commission is.  I stated in my RAMOS report that from an affiliate’s perspective a 100% commission is not really as great as it sounds compared to life-time commissions, but one thing I am learning in this business – is that sometimes you should just give punters what they want even if it’s NOT in their best interest.

And while most of us use CB (ClickBank) for info products, Mr Pagan is using CJ (Commission Junction) which is primarily used for physical products. Hmm… did anyone ever say this dude goes against the grain? LOL!

20. Frank and many others talked about the impact of the graphics.  Funny the graphics didn’t have any impact on me.  I guess I’m more of a textual person, and that is what got me – BIG TIME!  He also said sommink very interesting: Eben allows prospects come to the conclusion they want to believe instead of him (Eben) telling them what to believe.

So, Eben has seemingly catered to all modalities – not just text, video and audio; but images as well.  Who said he’s a smart cookie?

A smart copywriting is not precise like programming, and sometimes it’s much better to let your audience come to their own conclusion, instead of telling them exactly what you mean.  Seems like Mr. Pagan agrees. Hmm…

21. Brock just knocks the ball out of the park with, what I’m afraid is, my favourite comment. Here’s just a summary which doesn’t do it justice…

Two deliberate actions before the offer is seen? Very low price point? Trust and familiarity of the interface, Start->Delivery->Finish mind map, two stage commitment, don't make me think->capture email address even if visitor abandons shopping cart, use of $19.97, which Amazon tell us is magic number.

So where do I start? Brock hits on one of the things I picked up on like the low price (which I’ve already mentioned); and then requirement of two deliberate actions, and ‘don’t make me think’ (both of which I noticed but haven’t explicitly mentioned), but brings up several more that I never even thought of. 

WOW – I’ll be studying Brock’s contribution in more detail, and so should you, I believe: http://addictivetext.com/blog/click/brock-comments/

22. Now get this… even Susanne who is a middle aged non-lesbian woman had her appetite whetted by the DYD site!!! 

Susanne also insightfully noted that instead of just using the articles as filler content, Eben has used them as sales letters to tell stories and build authority.

Another comment I recommend you read: http://addictivetext.com/blog/click/susan-comments/ and notice my very sad reaction to Susanne's revelation. :(

If the fact that Susanne was hooked by the ‘flirtatious’ nature of the DYD website doesn’t make you sit up and take notice of what Eben is doing – then nuffink will.


So my friend… that’s a summary of the lessons that some of us learnt from a $20+ million a year website.  Did you learn anyfink useful?

Personally, I’ll be referring to this summary time and again, as I build what I intend to be a seven-figure a year website in the Stock Trading niche.

That brings us to the end of this series, I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did.

Have a fantabulous weekend,


Here’s The $20 million Lesson You Don’t Have To Pay For

Have you read the latest comments on yesterday’s post? If not… you can do so by clicking the link below:


Anyway, the $20 million lesson that I learnt from the Double Your Dating (DYD) website is how different DYD is from your regular info product websites. In fact, if I didn’t already know… I would never have guessed that DYD is run by an Internet Marketer.

Most of the info product websites that I have come across, consist almost entirely of a sales page or a (opt-in or leave) squeeze page.

Personally, I don’t think Eben got to where he is today by being a laggard.  If anything, I have him down as a visionary. 

When scores of so-called gurus are still using the long sales letter or squeeze page as the entry point to their sales funnel, Eben is using an engaging and information-laden (someone called it an authority) website.

The other thing is that some people commented that Eben doesn’t have a sales page/buy button on the DYD website.  That’s not true.  He does have a sales page, but it just isn’t in your face.

Here’s the sales page: http://addictivetext.com/blog/click/dyd-ebook/

And the catalog is here: http://addictivetext.com/blog/click/dyd-catalog/

BTW… Neither the link in yesterday’s post nor the two above are affiliate links.  So, if you do end up signing up or buying anything from DYD – you are on your own. 😛

I am just providing the links – so that you can see if there are any lessons that you can learn from a $20+ million per year website.

The question I want to ask you is this…

Are you following the crowd, or are you following a leader/visionary, or are you a leader/visionary yourself?

Personally, I certainly can’t claim to be a leader, but even before I came across the DYD site – I had already decided that I was going to do things differently from what everyone else is doing.  So seeing a $20 million business that doesn’t conform with the norm was very encouraging to me. :)

Anyway, enuf for today. 

There’s quite a bit more to discuss about DYD, so in my next post I’ll address the lessons learnt by other people, PLUS I have a wee confession to make. :(


C ya,


Do NOT Pay For This $20 million Lesson

Did ya know that Eben Pagan is currently doing a Pre-Launch for one of his IM products?

But don’t get your knickers in a twist, ‘cos I’m NOT about to promote any Guru Launch. 😛

What I’m about to tell ya, though… is that Eben earns $20 million a year from just his DoubleYourDating (DYD) site.

Hmm… and how exactly did you work out that he earns that much?

Well… that’s what he claimed in the first Pre-launch video.  Would you rather I said he earns $2 million every year?

Anyway, I learnt a MASSIVE MARKETING lesson worth every bit of that $20 2 million from navigating the DYD site, and I wonder if you’ll find the site as revealing as I did. 

So why don’t you head over there – spend 5-10 minutes or so navigating it, and come back and tell me what marketing lesson(s) you learnt.  And tomorrow, I’ll tell you what the $20 2 million marketing lesson that I learnt is.

Do we have us a deal?

Sounds like a fair deal to me.

You da man! And me da wizard. 😉

Here’s the DYD site: http://addictivetext.com/blog/click/DYD/

Keep smiling,


P.S. Please, this ain’t about dating lessons… although maybe it should be. 😛

P.S. And the link to DYD is CERTAINLY NOT an affiliate link. 😛

Method Behind My Madness


In the screenshot below, I show the stats for some affiliate promotions I did on the DigiResults platform. For the stats in red, my list size was much bigger than 5,000, but let’s use 5,000 for the discussion and calculation of CTR.  If we use the actual list size – the CTR numbers will be smaller than those shown..

The first row green is for the first promotion I did after I BURIED List Building, and the second row in green is for the upsell, hence the 0 clicks.  I didn’t use the conventional List Building approach, and there were only 500 subscribers at the time.


As you can see from above, my EPC almost doubled from an average of  $1.71 to $3.21, while the CTR was almost 7X bigger – 17% vs 95%.

Whilst, my stats from using conventional List Building were well above average, it pains me to think how much better I could have done had I ignored everything that the Gurus teach about List Building. :(

The next screenshot shows stats for another promotion I did quite a while back on the WSOPro platform soon after I BURIED List Building.


The average stats for conversions and EPC are at the top – 14% and $1.40.  As you can see the stats for sms (me) are by far the highest.  In fact, I’m pretty positive that if my stats are removed from the calculation for the averages – the average stats would be between 10% & 12% for conversions, and between $1.00 & $1.20 for EPC.

By ditching conventional List building, I was able to achieve stats that were in the ball park of 3X the average.

The other thing to note is that even though I probably had one of the SMALLEST list of all the affiliates, only one person sold more units than me. So in terms of number of units sold, I was No. 2. 

In other words, I outsold affiliates who had much bigger lists than myself.  The key difference is that I had BURIED List Building, while they hadn’t. 😉

Can you see why List Building is dead (for me, at least), and why I had no hesitation to BURY it?

Keep smiling,


Internet Revolution about to kick off!

About fifteen months ago, I had a dream… a dream to revolutionize Internet Marketing.

In March last year, I made what I believe was the first post on my Addictive Text blog.  Over time, that blog post has received well over one hundred comments.  Those comments are what instigated my dream.

The dream was to change the way people approach Internet Marketing. I realised that the vast majority of people (my humble self included) go about Internet Marketing in a completely ad hoc manner. And not surprisingly, the results are ad hoc at best, and disastrous at worst.

You may not have lost $100,000 while chasing the IM dream, but believe me when I say there are others that have! :(

I wanted to put a stop to that!

I wanted people to start treating Internet Marketing as a serious business, and more importantly; I wanted to provide them with the tools and resources for doing so.

It was a massive and unenviable challenge to take on, and quite frankly I NEVER thought that I would accept the challenge.  However, about six months ago, I decided to tackle it face on, but it wasn’t till about three months later that I actually started to take action.

And at long last, I am ready to unveil the result of my action.

I think you will be very pleased with my efforts – said with a very straight and humble face. 😛

What I want you to do now – is go and check out that first blog post, and read as many of the comments as you have time for. 

If you can identify with any of the sentiments expressed – then I want you to keep on watching this space very closely.

Click here to read my first blog post and the comments: http://addictivetext.com/blog/click/firstblogpost/

Sommink is about to change in IM. The gurus might not like it, but I can guarantee you that you will.

Let the Revolution Begin!


Stay tuned,


A Very Nice 2 min Video

Someone just shared this touching video with me, and I thought you’d like it. It’s less than 2 minutes long, and a nice way to end a hectic week, in my opinion. :)

Have a fantabulous weekend,


What Mighty Google Said About Backlinking

I have said several times that people should focus 90% (at least) of  their SEO efforts on backlinking.  It’s a somewhat controversial stand, but I believe I’ve provided enough evidence to back up my opinion.
However, there are those who will have us believe that backlinking is blackhat at worst or an abuse of Search Engines like Google at best.
So far, I have kept my opinion to myself, although in the Six-Figure Project I do talk briefly about how backlinking is just one form (amongst many others) of online advertising. 
And quite frankly, it’s not up to me or Google (who happen to be the largest Advertising Provider on the Internet) or some SEO Watchdog or some On-Page SEO Evangelist or some Online Forum Miss ‘Goody Two Shoes’ to tell you whether or not you can advertise your website by building backlinks to it.
That notwithstanding, for those that happen to be easily influenced by what ‘He Who Must Be Obeyed’ has to say on the matter, I think they will be pleasantly or unpleasantly (as the case may be) surprised by this statement (bolding and coloring is mine for emphasis):

The web is made of countless hyperlinks. So linking your Hubs will help Google to evaluate how important your Hubs are which results in a better ranking in the search results.

Therefore, I strongly recommend that you link to your Hubs as much as possible within your own Hubs, other hubs, your sites, and other sites

If I told you that the statement above is coming straight from the ‘horse’s mouth’, would you believe me.  Would you heck?
Whaddya think?  Am I just a bitter old man suffering from a delayed bout of mid-life crisis, or could it just happen to be the wrong time of month for me? 😛

3 Min Video For The Weekend

This 3 min video was featured on CNN, and it restores my faith in humanity.

A real 21st century hero, and I hope his parents are exceedingly proud of him. :)


Any comments?


Have a fantabulous weekend,


Do you wanna contribute to this (hushhush) Project?


I am still around.  I know I’ve been quiet lately, and there’s a good reason for that…

I’ve been working hard on a really exciting (but hushhush) project. It’s still some way off from being ready, but when it’s eventually done – there’ll be something for everyone – both existing customers and new subscribers…

And I have decided to invite contributions from anyone who would like to help me make this project a major success.

The reason I’m doing this is that a few hours ago I got a VERY NICE unsolicited email from a well respected marketer.  This is what he said…

"Hey Oz,

I just want to thank you for not only selling quality products that convert like crazy, but also for being so honest about paying affiliates on time and working hard on their behalf! You have bent over backward to help me get paid my owed commissions even though Paypal has been making it very difficult on me to accept any funds. Just the fact that you keep trying to ensure I get paid shows how honest and you pay on time when you say you are!

I also love how I can promote your products one time and get a flood of residual commissions because you cookie my links throughout! You know how to treat affiliates right, and I have no problem recommending you anyone. Everyone that wants to get paid on time should be an affiliate for you.

Thanks again,

Paul Counts"

As I wiped away my blushes, I realised that it would be a good idea to reach out for testimonials from anyone who feels inclined to give one about any of my products.  I already have loads of testimonials and that is one thing that will separate me from the pack of over-hyped product launches that have been making the rounds.

So, I’m thinking the more testimonials the merrier – and I plan to make use of every single one of them (old & new) when this new exciting project goes live. And please do feel free to include your website URL… and make it clickable too. :)

I sincerely believe that the more testimonials I have – the more successful this project will be, so you’ll certainly be contributing to the project’s success.

Obviously, I expect that your testimonial will be honest. If my products haven’t impacted you in a positive way, then please don’t make up a fake testimonial.  If however, you feel like giving me a ‘pat on the back’ for a job well done, then hey… don’t let me stop ya. :)

Feel free to write about anything – you can make it as long or as short as you want.  It’s your testimonial.  Include your name or initials, your location, and a website (if you want).

Here are some things you might want to think about…

  • Have you been able to find profitable niches/keywords as a result of SNR and/or GKS?
  • Are you now able to determine supply and demand accurately as a result of GKS?
  • Do you now understand what Duplicate Content is all about and how to leverage it as a result of GVMC?
  • Have you been able to save money from the knowledge you’ve gained from my products?
  • Do you know how to use different types of content for different purposes as a result of TTAAM?
  • Are you now able to rank higher in Google without all the unnecessary and confusing SEO nonsense that is shoved down our throats?
  • Have you been able to get more traffic and increase your earnings?
  • Have you been able to start creating an online empire of Virtual Real Estate that earns you income on auto-pilot?

These are just a few ideas that may get you started, but like I said earlier it’s your testimonial… so do as you please. :)

You can send your testimonials to support@addictivetext.comthanks in advance! :)

By the way, I also welcome constructive criticism, and might even publish it – yes I’m that kinda weirdo – I certainly don’t like to play by the rules. :P  Unlike most other people, I really appreciate negative feedback. 

In fact, leveraging negative feedback is one my BIG SECRETS!  So bring it on. :)

I would like to write a lot more, but it’s been a loong day for me, and I don’t wanna bore you.  If I feel up to it… tomorrow, I’ll tell you about the brainwave I had earlier today, and how you can leverage it into online profits.

Can I have a hint, please?

Of course you can… think portfolio management…

BTW… here’s another unsolicited testimonial we got a few days ago…

"Thank you for the prompt response and refund. Once again, I am sorry my circumstances have affected the use of this plug-in.

Your excellent customer service has ensured that in the future, as and when things pick up, I will return to you as soon as I can.

Thanks again."

Can I end by saying that we undoubtedly have the BEST customer service on Planet Earth.

Please join me in biggin’ up the wonderful RB – our annoyingly super-efficient and SCIENTIFIC Relationship Manager!

Over ‘n out!!!


P.S.  If you want to send a testimonial or constructive criticism – please email it to: support@addictivetext.com

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