Google Analytics Update

Do you remember the email I sent you a few weeks ago, telling you about the plight of a colleague who installed Google Analytics and promptly saw his website plummet from the top spot on Google to page two. If you missed that email, then here’s the main gist…

I know you are a very busy person but when you have a minute I’d
like to have your opinion on something weird that happened on my
main website :

For years I was ranking # one on Google for the keyword

On the 16th of February I decided to setup Google Analytics for
this site. One days or two after having implemented dropped from # one to #20 (page 2 of Google)

Today I removed the GA script.

Should I be alarmed? Is it normal?

Thanks in advance for your feedback

Take good care of yourself

Well, I got a happy update over the weekend, and this is what it said…

Hello Oz,
Hope you and the family are doing well.

I thought you’ll be glad to hear the scoop… Today is almost back to its initial Google position. It is now Page one #2. I hope it will stay there for a while. I will monitor it and keep you updated.

I followed your advice, used Joe services, profiles, and most importantly the tips in your report Backlinking Blackbook. By the way, I love the clear and well written reports. I am not a fan of videos or huge ebooks.

I also learn from your reports how it is important to keep building links on a permanent basis. This site was number one for years and for the last 2 years I was not building links anymore…

I hate gurus. I prefer real people like you . You can’t imagine how much I appreciated the fact that you contacted me personally to inquire about the progress of my rankings.

You know what? …You now have me as a customer for life.
I know the battle is not over and I will keep you posted.

Take good care of yourself and enjoy your weekend.


There are 3 take-aways for me from this:

1. Do not use Google Analytics. Instead use an alternative like

2. When your website experiences a sharp and sudden drop in rankings, building backlinks sensibly is often the best antidote.

3. Diversify. Basically, it’s dangerous to put all your eggs in one basket more especially if you depend on a third party (Google Search Engine in this case) for traffic.

You might be wondering what would have happened if my colleague had left Google Analytics intact AND build backlinks like I advised. Well, that is not an option we considered. Unfortunately, this is a major revenue generating (over $100 a day) website we are talking about here, not some experimental case study.

Moreso, my own recent experience suggests that the more one stays away from Google the better.

While I was doing some Niche & Keyword research, I did a search for ‘small business marketing strategies’, imagine my shock when I saw one of the results listed on the first page of Google. That result is shown below…

Basically, Google now provides personalized search results, and apparently one of the criteria used is your Gmail email content (not contacts list, because I don’t have a Gmail contacts list). The last result (I have blanked out a few details) is the blog & photograph of someone that I have exchanged emails with!

If you don’t find that worrying and alarming, I really envy you. Personally, I think that this is very bad news!

I got lots of responses to my last email (about Google Analytics) reporting very similar experiences to my colleague. One gentleman in particular confessed to being more paranoid than me where Google is concerned.

In that email, I also provided a link to an interesting thread on the Warrior Forum. Read it here.

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