The Professor And The Wizard

Have you ever felt stupid and incompetent because when it came to Internet Marketing you didn’t know whether to turn to the left or to the right?

If that is the case, stop beating yourself up. Even a high-flying University Professor experienced the same feelings of hopelessness.

The good news is that neither you nor the Professor is stupid or incompetent.

The even better news, is that there is a solution, and you don’t have to stumble around in darkness any longer.


Mary is no stranger to complex information.

After all, she has earned a good living from processing complex subjects, and presenting the information in easily digestible chunks to her students. Mary is a University Professor.

Mary also has years of experience in personal development, career development, online education, business communication, seminar training. With her background as a seminar leader and communications specialist, she never expected to have any problems understanding Internet Marketing and related subjects. Mary is a high flyer.

But that wasn’t enough for her.

Beyond the Ivory Tower

Mary really wanted to make a difference, and to help others. She is a professor who has always been eager to share her varied and extensive range of skills with the thousands of people all over the world that need her expertise. All she needed was a medium that would put her in touch with these people.

The Internet was that medium.

Being the visionary that she is, Mary realised early on that the Internet had the potential to transform the business landscape on a grand and global scale. It is no surprise that she became an early adopter of the Internet.

She was one of the very first Professors to use the Internet as a medium for delivering lectures.

Smoke and Mirrors

When Mary decided to use the Internet as a medium to reach out beyond the world of academia she had a rude awakening.

She quickly realised that it was not enough to have a website. She was not going to make an impact on anyone’s life if nobody knew her website existed, or if the website had no visitors.

Welcome to the world of Internet Marketing and Search Engine Optimization (SEO)…

This professor, however, was not prepared for all the hype, misinformation, conflicting advice and information overload that is rife in Internet Marketing. Mary was determined to discover how Internet Marketing really worked, but the harder she studied… the more confused she became. Poor Mary didn’t know what to do, or who to believe.

Mary had knowledge at the highest level… had years of experience to back it up… she was ready to offer her services… she even had a website.

But the website had no traffic, and Mary had no clients, even though there were thousands of people on the Internet desperately seeking for someone just like her.

How could a University Professor struggle to understand something as supposedly simple as Internet Marketing?

How could someone who had succeeded at everything else she had done, fail as an Internet Marketer? Was the unimaginable about to happen?

The professor needed a miracle…

The Professor meets the Wizard

And then along came Oz – the Professor’s very own Wizard Of Oz.

She had heard that Oz was a clever writer, but Mary didn’t really need a clever writer who would bamboozle her. What she wanted was someone who could present the facts in a clear manner.

The Professor needed somene to put her out of her misery.

Not knowing what to expect, she invested in one of Oz’s highly acclaimed reports… and almost instantly the cobwebs were removed from her eyes.

The report shattered all the myths she had been led to believe by the gurus, and it proved beyond all doubt that Mary could attract targeted traffic to her website without having to get caught up in 1-way, 2-way, 3-way or even 7-way links.

A light bulb went off for Mary, and she promptly invested in another report from the Wizard of Oz… and then another and another. Before long she had read all of Oz’s reports.

And the result?

Happily ever after…

The Professor can now find a lucrative niche in less than 15 minutes… and she knows how to identify the keywords that will allow her to quickly get her website to the top of Google and other search engines.

This means that she knows how to find the people who need her services, and how to get these same people to visit her website.

The experts call this targeted traffic, and that is exactly what Mary needed all along, but she just couldn’t figure out what she needed to do to get targeted traffic.

Mary no longer gets embroiled in all the endless and needless debates… like the one on Duplicate Content. She knows when to use Duplicate Content, and when to avoid it. And if for some reason she can’t or doesn’t want to create content herself, she also knows where to get good quality content for nothing or next to nothing.

She even knows how to use that free (or almost free) content to earn lots of money if she wanted to.

To cut a long story short, Oz has helped Mary finally get to grips with the essentials of Internet Marketing, and made her stop running after every over-hyped Product Launch… hoping that it would turn out to be the magic potion to end all her problems.

The professor has already found her magician.

As a result, she is now able to focus on leveraging her expertise, and offering exceptional value to her clients, and no longer has to tear her hair out over Internet Marketing.

She discovered the truth and the truth set her free…

Free from the hype… free from the deceit… free from the misinformation, and free from the confusion.

The Wizard called Oz, not for the first time, had done his Magic!

A pattern emerging?

Surprisingly but rather unfortunately, Mary’s experience is not unique. For instance, Bary was seriously pissed off because he only discovered the Wizard after wasting thousands of dollars on the hype… on the deceit… and on the misinformation.

Are you still wasting your hard earned money?

Do you want to be set free?

Many others have experienced the Magic of Oz, and are happy to share their story. Do yourself a favour… and read these stories, because it is very likely that you will identify with a few of them.

Will you be the next to share your story?

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