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Dear Colleague,

Before you let the big red headlines scare you off, I want you to know that...

This isn’t some cheesy “get rich quick” scheme, with even cheesier pictures of hot chicks, flash cars and mansions...

No. In fact, I have created over 10 red hot, SOLD OUT products for Online Businesses, used by thousands of business owners in every corner of the world... and every single product has raving testimonials and massive proof.

A breath of fresh air...

Hi, Oz!

It’s Professor Mary here. Congratulations on your new site.

These days, who isn’t looking for extra income or a retirement nest egg? Most of us have knowledge and solutions worth sharing, so the lure of onine income is strong.

What I found were thousands of products selling “easy” Internet marketing methods that don’t work, leave out key details, or make everything hopelessly complex. My years of online teaching, program development, marketing, and technical experience didn’t protect me from wasting thousands of dollars.

Almost every “newbie” online has a similar story.

It’s easy for anybody to get overwhelmed and confused by conflicting SEO, keyword research, backlinking, and “next best thing” nonsense being published to make more money. I thought buying software and automation tools would make life easier. Most of that software never worked right or featured blackhat methods Google banned within months.

Your careful testing, intelligence, humor, honesty, and clear instructions were such a breath of fresh air to me. If there’s more than one way to do something, you say so. And if you’ve found a proven way, you provide the clear blueprint, step by step with some laughs in between.

I’m glad you didn’t confine your publishing to the marketing forums. Sure, you were a big hit, but now even more people can discover your simple breakthrough reports here.



I Hate You...

Damn, I hate you Ozymandius. Im fed up of looking upon your works and despairing.

Can I not set up a direct debit where you take money from me every time you have a new product. I am trying not to buy anything at the moment but this one is a complete no brainer and will be very useful in helping me catch up on your Interprise Workshop!

I know one shouldn't but I think Oz is the only Warrior that if I see he is selling something I know I am going to be poorer. I dread his first $1997 course, although I know full well that like everything he sells it will be worth at least double.

Reserve me a developers licence please!

Justin Wheeler


Please Keep Up The Awesome Work...

Love buying your work because you do the research to come up techniques and strategies that simply get right to the core of the technology!!!

Even with WPEasyContent, when others are pushing article spinning, which hugely defeats the goal of great content for the readers (purchasing prospects), WPEasyContent maintains the readable content while making the article unique. ACHIEVING GREAT AND UNIQUE CONTENT FOR AUTOBLOGING IS AN AREA, WHICH OTHER THAN WHAT WPEASYCONTENT ACHIEVES, SEEMS TO ME TO STILL BE ON THE "DRAWING BOARD".




With that said, I would like to ask you a few questions...

If you had to create a brand new website from scratch, and you had say $200 to invest in content. Would you use that $200 to...

I really hope you chose the last option, because...


“Maximizing Your Time Has Become
More Important Than Ever


So let’s check out some of the other options, shall we?


Listen, you don’t need to be Einstein to figure out the economics of an online business.

Traffic = Visitors = Money in the Bank.

Competing with thousands of other marketers with the same, or even NEW content is virtually impossible...

...Unless you have big bucks to shell out on getting tons of new content written, or have the time to do it yourself, then you don’t stand a chance.

And if you don’t have content, you might as well kiss any idea of making money from your website goodbye.

The sheer amount of information surrounding this subject would make anyone’s head explode... Not to mention it’s painfully boring!

Well... I got tired of the junk out there and created a solution that is so easy, so quick, and so painless that it’s almost impossible to fail.


If you want to make money online... Picture this:

No writing skills... no brain power... no college degree... no knowledge or expertise... no technical know-how... and no research skills...

So what DO you need?

That’s right.

It’s like I literally tossed out every over-complicated skill you need for Internet Marketing and carved you a super highway to online blogging success!

Let me introduce you to...

“The WPEasyContent plugin...
There’s Nothing Left To Figure Out!”

WPEasyContentUser Guide

Patently Amazing...

PS... WPEasyContent is amazing. Patently amazing. Just getting it setup on a new client's site and they think I'm superman for it. ...and their SEO and PPC are so unoptimized, I really will be to them in a couple months between that, setting up real tracking, and some PPC work.

Joshua Sharp


An Absolute Bargain...

Hi Oz,

You’ve really outdone yourself with WPEasyContent. The new features that enable import of multiple articles is a huge time-saver for me.

I tested WPEasy content on a client site that was stuck at the top of page 2. I did multiple posts that only took a few moments each way. I boosted each post and within 2 weeks, 44 new pages were indexed and I moved my client to page one

My client was blown away and was amazed that I can get so much done in so little time.

This plugin is “freakin’ awesome,” a huge time-saver and would be an absolute bargain at many times what I paid.

Your support and service are also top-notch and I really appreciate your getting back to me so quickly to answer my questions.

This is an unsolicited testimonial I wanted to send as my way of saying “THANKS!!!”

Paul Flood
Paul Flood Marketing, LLC


I’ve taken ALL the hard work out of your blog marketing and created a plugin called WPEasyContent.

Here’s why WPEasyContent is the best way you’ll ever find to make tons of highly profitable, cash sucking blogs right now. The greatest part about this plugin is that you are about to reoptimize and leverage PREMIUM content, for absolutely ZERO cost.


So what is this FREEMIUM CONTENT Thingy?

Here’s a quick screenshot:


Notice the text that’s between the two red boxes?

That is the Freemium Content.

“Freemium Content” refers to High Quality content written by SOMEONE ELSE... High Quality content that you DON’T have to pay for!

And the red boxes are where the magic happens. The red boxes are blocks of text that contain specified keywords. The blocks of text are used to REOPTIMIZE the Free Premium Content between the red boxes.

(Premium Content + Free Content = Freemium Content!)

Wait a minute... Isn’t this stealing?


You are going to give full credit to the author, and legitimately use his or her content on YOUR website.

Now... Notice the Blue blocks around the link

These are keywords that you can put in for your niche. All you have to do is specify 1 - 4 keywords, and then WPEasyContent will automatically...

“Ladies and Gentlemen...
This is About as Autopilot as it Gets!”

Just picture this:

You don’t know what to write about... And even if you have a great topic that you’re passionate about, your writing just plain sucks.

It’s like you can’t put thoughts into words, and there are too many options to choose from.

So you decide to write content on something else... Maybe even PAY for content. But pumping out $5-$10 for a half decent article gets really expensive... Really fast.

Let’s take a look at just what it will cost with just AVERAGE writers on ONE blog:

1 Article :           $5
5 Articles :         $25
10 Articles:        $50
20 Articles:        $100

What about PREMIUM writers?

1 Article :           $20 (and this is just being conservative)
5 Articles:          $100
10 Articles:        $200
20 Articles:        $400

Then multiply it by the number of blogs you have... not to mention the time wasted waiting for them!

Now tell me... What would you rather do?

Pay hundreds of dollars for articles...

Let’s be conservative, and say you got 20 articles at $5 each. Then multiply that $100 by... lets say 10 blogs. That’s a whopping $1,000 dollars! Not to mention the likely subpar quality or the time wasted waiting for it.


Let OTHER people put in the grunt work to create premium content... Then leverage it at ZERO cost!

That’s why I’ve created WPEasyContent.

Most people go about things the hard way, when it isn't nearly as difficult as all that!

Sure, there are a lot of things that go into creating HIGH QUALITY content online, but most of it can be passed off to WPEasyContent to do for you at ZERO cost...

So what if there was a way to skip all the hassle and just make you some damn money already?

Let me guess, you're also looking for something that will allow you to profit more but work less.

In a nutshell...

WPEasyContent will quickly allow you to:

2 Dozen Page One Rankings...

If you think that WPEasyContent is just 'another' autoblogging plugin, think again! The concept seems so simple that you are inclined to think at first glance that this cannot possibly work - but after using it on more than a dozen blogs, and seeing the results, I can tell you first hand, that WPEC simply works!!

You can get high rankings for the keywords you want to rank for - without the costs of paying for 'unique' content or the hassles of writing it yourself. Now you can take well written, highly optimized 'freemium' content (love that term!) and re-purpose (legally) for your own use - in a way that Google apparently loves! I have more than 2 dozen page one rankings to prove it!

Thanks Oz, for a fabulous addition to my WP arsenal!

Melody Wigdahl


“Want Proof? You Got It”

The screenshot below shows you the rankings (with RankChecker) for one of my test websites - which is just a few months old. The website uses reoptimized Syndicated Content for every post.

(Premium + Free = Freemium!)



Six out of eight keywords on Page One of Google with Syndicated Content and with a .info domain.


Now, here's something I want you to realise...

I am not showing you all these rankings because the keywords are ultra-competitive or attract hordes of traffic. WPEasyContent is NOT an SEO tool after all.

The reason I included the screenshots is because I am tired of self anointed 'experts' claiming that if you use Syndicated Content your content won't be indexed, OR that it will only appear in the Supplemental Index, OR even worse, that you will get the ALMIGHTY GOOGLE SLAP.

The problem is that these people don't have the faintest idea how Duplicate Content really works. On the other hand, I am the author of Google Value Maximizer Concepts (GVMC), which is STILL the definitive resource on Duplicate Content.

If anyone should know how to get Syndicated Content not just indexed, but ranked on Page One of Google, it is me.

The screenshots above just serve to prove that point.

Highly Recommended...

I read the whole report, all 50 pages of it and it is a great read.

I was going to skim it but it was so interesting i couldnt put it down!

For anyone that has ever wanted to know about Duplicate Content then this is for them.

For anyone that ever wanted to know how to use PLR articles and not get the Duplicate Content penalty this is for them.

For anyone that wants to know how to make money using this information this is for you.

Basically unless you are an SEO expert then this is a great read for everyone and i highly recommend it newbie or experienced alike.

I am very glad i read this and will be dipping back into it in the future when i next make some more site



GVMC is no longer available to the public, but anyone that invests in a copy of WPEasyContent will be given an opportunity to buy a copy of the very highly recommended and highly sought after GVMC report.


“You Still Want More Proof?”

The screenshot below shows rankings for the same website that I showed you earlier.


This particular screenshot was taken a few weeks after a series of algorithmic tweaks by Google (including the Google Farmer Update).

That update affected about 12% of search results, and decimated the rankings of many Internet Marketing websites including many popular websites like

As you can see the rankings of have remained largely intact, and this is inspite of the fact that absolutely know SEO has been done since the previous screenshot was been taken.

There are still have 5 keywords on Page One of Google, and only one keyword does not rank in the top 20 on Google.

The two or so keywords that dropped slightly in rankings is more than likely due to the fact that absolutely no extra SEO has been done on the site.

One last thing to point out is that because this is a test blog, I did not even apply any of the Best Practices that we recommend in the accompanying Best Practices Guide. Neither did I use any of the new or upcoming features that make WPEC blogs even more 'Google friendly' than they already were.


“High Quality Content. No Google Slaps. Zero Cost... Seriously. What’s The Catch?”

Imagine having an army of highly trained experts working for you 24 hours a day...

That’s literally what WPEasyContent does for you.

There is NO other plugin like it.

And if you wanted to write the content yourself, it’d be a few hours’ worth of work which could be better spent on something more productive.

Outsourcing? Earlier, we talked about the massive cost and having to wait days, possibly weeks for some decent quality articles.

It would be worth the outsourcing investment, but do you really need to when you can automate the ENTIRE PROCESS?

If you have tumbleweeds blowing across your empty blog or network of blogs, WPEasyContent is hands down the best investment you’ll ever make.

If you’re serious about blogging, saving time and money, and using leverage with FREEMIUM content, there's no doubt in my mind that WPEasyContent will pay for itself many times over...

This is AUTOMATIC Content Generation and REOPTIMIZATION at its best, from the person that introduced Content Reoptimization to the World.

High quality content, and ultimately a lot more money...

And if you really use this plugin to set up multiple websites, then have them build up content on autopilot... It will pay for itself MANY TIMES over in RECORD TIME!


Bingo, clearly a winner here...

Just an update on how well it's working...

I just searched for a snippet from one of the posted articles, and came up with only two results, followed by the usual "In order to show you the most relevant results, we have omitted some entries very similar to the 2 already displayed. If you like, you can repeat the search with the omitted results included." for all of the duplicate content / supplemental stuff.

What were the two that came up before the "click for more"?

The original, and the one on my site, which was grabbed and "reoptimized" by the plugin. Bingo, clearly a winner here...

cyber49 on Warrior Forum


Super solid plugin!

So I have tested out the WPEasyContent Plugin, with some awesome results!

25 Freemium Posts and 24 Rank on First 10 Pages in Google

Here are the steps I took.

1) Found 25 keyword in Market Samurai that got SEOT at least 10 and SEOC of no more than 100,000.

2) Took about 5-10 minutes and imported one article at a time into "Draft" mode, not published (important).

3) Wrote 3 custom intro's and 3 custom final paragraphs and saved into he admin section of the plugin. I erased all of the pre-written intro's and ending paragraphs.

4) I spent about 45 minutes rewriting the titles of all 25 posts, I also use SEO Pressor by Daniel Tan and WP Syndicator by Andy Fletcher, so I copy and paste the keyword in the fields created by those 2 plugins. I schedule 5 posts per day to drip out a few hours apart.

So on average about 2 minutes per post. My plan is to load up 150 each month and clean up with these long tail keywords. Other than WP Syndicator, no other link building to these posts. Also the blog I'm doing this on is only 3 months old.

Super solid plugin!

Note: I am kind of a lurker for the most part on WF. I make a full-time income online, but avoid posting. I was just so impressed with this plugin, I had to say something. Those other two are solid as well!



While Rusty had very good reason to be extremely impressed with the power and ease of use of WPEasyContent, his feedback is actually old News.

Very old News...

You see, Rusty feedback is based on Version 1 of WPEasyContent. Version 1 did not have Title Blocks (which makes rewriting Article titles a task you don't have to think about any longer), it didn't have Bulk Imports of articles (so Rusty could only import one article at a time). Neither did it have Scheduled Imports (so he had to manually schedule his imported articles).

With the all new V2 of WPEasyContent, Rusty does not have to expend any more time and energy importing, rewriting titles of, and scheduling more than 25 articles than he would have spent just importing (without rewriting the title or scheduling) one article with the old V1.

In fact, in the 2 minutes he spent on just one article with V1, he would have added over 25 top quality articles if he was using V2.

And in the 45 minutes he spent importing, rewriting the titles of, and scheduling 25 articles for only one blog, he could have populated ten blogs with more than 50 articles each.

This is No Hype!

Why don't you see WPEasyContent in action for yourself?

“Are You Ready to Experience
the Power of WPEasyContent?”

The video below shows how much faster and easier importing multiple articles would have been for Rusty if he was using V2 of WPEasyContent.

That was a short demonstration of just a tiny subset of what WPEasyContent will do for you after you download a copy.

Before I reveal the price of WPEasyContent to you, I want to let you know that I am 111% confident that like Rusty, you’ll be completely blown away at how easy and powerful this plugin is to your business.

In fact, I’m SO confident in my product, that if you’re NOT satisfied for ANY reason...



30 Days Money Back Guarantee

You've got 30-Days to test it out and experience the power of WPEasyContent for yourself...

You will see your blogs fill up with amazing content, and save MONTHS of wasted effort and expensive writing or outsourcing costs.

But I want you to see just how powerful this plugin really is, so use it for a full 30-days 100% risk-free...

If WPEasyContent does not deliver on its promise...

I’ll give your money back, no questions asked...

Unless you get outstanding results and value to your online blog, you don't have to pay a single cent.

Money Back!

There's ZERO risk on your part, and you can download and start using WPEasyContent to start setting up your own network of niche blogs which you can monetize any way you like...

I started this letter by asking you how you you thought you would get the best value for your money if you had $200 to invest in your business.

Since you continued reading, I will assume that you agree that a one-off investment of $200 in a solution that would churn out as much quality content as you wanted whenever you wanted; is without doubt the best bet.

And the fact that you got this far suggests that you appreciate the amazing value WPEasyContent offers, and what an incredible steal it would be at $200.

Well, today may very well be your lucky day. because you will not have to pay $200 for WPEasyContent. You will not even have to pay half of $200.

Today, you can download WPEasyContent for the stupendously low price of $97 or even less.

Header & Footer Blocks
Title & Description Blocks
Meta Keywords, Meta Description & Page Title
Number of Keyword Tokens
Maximum Number of Categories for Reoptimization Blocks
Maximum Number of Reoptimization Blocks
Number of Predefined Reoptimization blocks
Hyperlinking & Decorating of Target Keyword
Upload content (e.g. PLRs) from hard disk
Import/Export Reoptimization Blocks
Bulk Reoptimization of posts and pages
Specify Author for Post/Page
Specify Search Phrase
Multiple options for Article Title
Single Import
Multiple Imports
Rearrange Keywords
Add requests to queue
Import requests from CSV file
Perform Bulk Imports
Schedule Imports
User Manual
Video Tutorial
Premium Support
Free Upgrades
Installation Allowance on Personal Sites
1 Domain
1 Domain
Unlimited Domains
Unlimited Domains
Installation on Sites for Sale


WPEasyContent requires cURL, PHP 5, and WordPress 3.0 or greater.

Remember Rusty... that spent 45 minutes per 25 articles with V1?

This was his feedback a few weeks after upgrading to V2

2 Hrs of Work = $1,500 a month!

So with just 1-2 hours per month of maintenance…this fremium content is adding $1,500 per month to my bottom line and 500 opt-ins to my newsletter. Over the course of a year the opt-ins and buyers list this creates actually is in the tens of thousands of dollars.

Also…I devote very little time to this, since I am busy as a product creator in the fitness niche. Someone who has more time could make 100 of these and build a massive opt-in list quickly.

…of course others won’t do a thing with this awesome plugin.

My advice is to build up 5 blogs to begin with to get the hang of this. If you do that you will easily make your investment many times over…even if you do a half-ass job.



Act Now And I'll Sweeten This
Irresistible Offer Even More...

If you can't wait to get your hands on WPEasyContent, then I've got some incredibly Good News for you. You can take advantage of the...


I'll knock a further $20 OFF the prices of the Platinum & Developers Editions. This means you can download the Platinum Edition for ONLY $77, or the Developers Edition for ONLY $127 (click on the Download link at the bottom of the last column of the Feature Grid above).

But that's not all, because you'll also get the...

FAST ACTION BONUS (Value = Absolutely Priceless)

For good measure, I'll throw in an awesome Bonus - my Scientific Niche Research (SNR) report. This bestselling report has helped hundreds of customers identify lucrative niches in 15 minutes or less.

Please note that SNR is no longer available to the general public, and that the Fast Action Bonus (SNR) will be withdrawn in:

Who Else Wants To Find Seriously
HOT Niches In As Little As 10 Minutes?

Yup...Oz have lost it but I am glad I found it... Oz have completely demystify an otherwise confusing and challenging subject to a doable one in minutes. Took me 5 minutes to read and another 10 minutes or so to uncover one pretty good subniche. That's something I never had any success before.

Thanks Oz ....



The clock is already ticking, so...


“Are You Ready to Get Started?”

For a very low one-time investment, you can instantly start setting up profitable niche blogs, automate your content creation tasks, and never worry about getting slapped for using Syndicated Content!

You install it, enter your keywords, push a few buttons and it works for you on complete autopilot forever...

It simply doesn't get any easier than that.

Best Buy!

Thanks again Oz, for the update and reminder.

Absolutely adore your WPEC – best buy so far 2010-2011

Isabel Da Guerra


One Hot Program!

Your program is nothing short of spectacular!

This is one hot program.

I have finally set WPeasycontent up on my blog and am amazed at the speed and quality of the articles being posted to my blog.

Derek Nadeau


Download Now!

The large Download button above is for the Platinum Edition, only. For any of the other editions, please click the appropiate Download button at the bottom of the Feature Grid.


P.S. This is automation at its best... it doesn’t get easier than putting in your keywords and watching WPEasyContent grab you Premium Content for free.

P.P.S. If you are keen on saving thousands of dollars and weeks/months of your time, while setting up tons of profitable blogs in a few hours... I have one question. What are you waiting for!?